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Whether packing the wagon for a long weekend, or loading up the ute for the job site, vehicle owners can quickly exceed the legal Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of their rigs. The GVM is the maximum a vehicle is legally allowed to weigh. This includes the vehicle itself, plus accessories, fuel, passengers and the tow ball mass (TBM) of your trailer. For example, a Landcruiser 200 Series has a GVM of 3350kg. The kerb weight of the vehicle is 2740kg, which leaves 610kg payload (3350 minus 2740) for a bull bar, winch, spare tyre, extra diesel, the passengers, all their luggage and whatever else you pack. That 610kg payload is quickly used up! Hence the need for a GVM Upgrade.


When towing heavy loads and loading up the towing vehicle, the Gross Combination Mass (GCM) is quickly exceeded. This is the total combined mass of the towing vehicle, the towing apparatus (e.g. caravan) an all the gear, fuel and passengers packed into these vehicles. Lovells can upgrade both the GVM and GCM. 

As Australia's most trusted GVM & GCM Upgrade specialist, we provide a one-stop professional service from install to engineering. All of our installs are engineered for either Federal Compliance (pre-registration vehicles) or State Compliance (post-registration vehicles). Talk to our suspension experts to book your vehicle in for an upgrade and get back out there touring or back to the job site with the knowledge that your vehicle is legal, does the job and most importantly, is safe. 

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